The Best Colour Schemes For Wall Panels

The Best Colour Schemes For Wall Panels

When you think about wall panels, you might often think about panels in a country house or stately home. However, over recent years, more homeowners have added wall panels to their own homes to add character and decoration. By painting your wall panels, you can add your own personal touch to the panelling and can be a way of creating a stunning feature for your home. This guide looks at the different colour schemes you can choose for wall panelling in your home.

Warm Colours in Living Room

If you are looking to add warmth to your living room, then you should pick a warm, natural and neutral colour. For example, cream colour is an excellent choice for those wanting to create a warm, homely feeling. You could also choose a subtle yellow or beige colour.

Cream colour wall panels
Floor to ceiling Shaker Style Wall Panels

Use Dark-Coloured Panelling For A Sophisticated Touch To Your Living Room

If you would like to add a sophisticated touch to your living room, then you should choose dark colours, such as dark grey or black. It adds sophistication because of the added texture, depth and elegance to your living room. It also complements many style trends, such as minimalist or boho-chic and can be paired with a range of materials.

Dark coloured wall panelling
Georgian Wall Panels painted in a dark grey

Make Your Bedroom or Home Office Fun & Modern

If you want to create a fun and modern bedroom, then you could use coloured wall panels to achieve this. You can choose bright, playful colours, such as blues or reds which would look perfect in a children’s bedroom or home office.

Edwardian wall panels in office
Floor-to-ceiling Edwardian Wall Panels in an Office

Choose Light & Bright Colours In Your Bedroom For a Relaxed Feeling

For those looking to create a relaxing effect with wall panels in their bedroom, then we recommend choosing light colours, such as white, light cream or pastel colours. Not only could this make your room look brighter, especially if there is a lack of natural light, but it could create a soothing effect in your bedroom.

Wall panels painted pastel pink
Georgian Wall Panels Painted Pastel Pink

Create A Bold Statement in Your Hall

In your hallway, you could use wall panelling to create a bold statement for guests. By adding panels to the bottom half of your hallway wall, where scuffs are most likely to happen. Not only does wall panelling protect your walls, but it can also add character when you are welcoming guests into your home. By choosing a loud and bold panelling colours, you can immediately stamp down your personality to your home.

Shaker wall panels in hall
Shaker Wall Panels in a bold blue colour

Looking for More Wall Panelling Inspiration?

If you are looking for more inspiration and handy how-to guides regarding wall panels in your home, then be sure to check out our blog. If you feel ready to buy wall panels, then look at our wide range of MDF Wall panelling, which has been manufactured at our site in the UK. Finally, if you have any questions and would like more wall panelling colour ideas, then please get in touch and one of our team will be happy to help.

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