Advantages & Disadvantages of Using MDF for Wall Panels

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using MDF for Wall Panels

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is an artificial wood product made using residuals from wood. MDF is used heavily in furniture and home improvement products, including wall panels due to its practical and economic benefits. This guide looks at the different advantages and disadvantages of using MDF in wall panels.


Advantages of MDF in Wall Panels

Economic Benefits

One of the advantages of using MDF wall panels is that it is less expensive than traditional wood. This means that it is more affordable to people, especially given the current cost of living crisis.

It’s Better For The Environment

Another advantage of using MDF panelling is that it is better for the environment. This is because it is manufactured using recycled wooden residuals, therefore saving trees. So not only will your new wall panels look good, but they would also be kinder to the environment.

It Is Easier To Colour

Also, MDF is easier to colour than traditional wood. This doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the look of real wood, as MDF wall panels can be painted or stained to look like the real thing.

More Resistant To Fungi & Insects

In addition, MDF panels is more resistant to potential fungi and insects compared to traditional wood. This is because the way MDF is produced and the chemicals which are used during manufacture means that the product is more resistant to termites. Furthermore, MDF panelling is more durable than traditional wood to decay fungi. This is why MDF wall panels are commonly used in the bathroom

Disadvantages of MDF in Wall Panels

Could Crack

One potential issue which could be experienced with certain types of MDF is that it could crack or split when under extreme stress, such as damage to the wall panels or too much weight being placed on it.

At DIY Wall Panelling, we use the highest quality MDF available to minimise the risk of the wall panels cracking.

Absorbs Water Quicker

Another potential problem with using MDF is that MDF wall panels could swell. This is because MDF generally absorbs water much quicker than traditional wood. As a result, to prevent this, you must ensure that the MDF wall panel you are using is well sealed and of high quality.

At DIY Wall Panelling, we only use Medites Premium Moisture Resistant MDF, meaning they are ideal for damp & humid environments such as bathrooms, where the panels will be exposed to a high amount of moisture.


A final disadvantage of using MDF in wall panels is that MDF is very heavy, due to the density of the product. As a result, this could make it more difficult to work with compared to normal wood. 

If you are are worried that your MDF panels could become heavy, then contact us and one of our friendly team will be happy to help.

Buy MDF Wall Panels From DIY Wall Panelling

If you are interested in buying new MDF wall panels to install in your home, then consider DIY Wall Panelling. All of our wall panels and wall panel kits are made using the finest quality MDF, so you will be receiving great quality and excellent value for money. Also, all of our MDF panels are moisture-resistant and are perfect for your kitchen or bathroom. Finally, as a family-run business, we offer excellent customer service, as seen from our Trustpilot reviews, which cares strongly about our customers and their experience.

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