An Introduction to Georgian Wall Panelling

An Introduction to Georgian Wall Panelling

Georgian wall panels are a great feature of any home. This guide introduces what Georgian wall panelling looks like, as well as provides you with a quick history of the Georgian period, the history of their houses and how it influenced the homes of today

What was the Georgian Period Like?

The Georgian period lasted from 1714 to 1837, just before the Victorian era. For the UK, the Georgian period was all about rapid change due to the industrial revolution, continued growth to the British Empire, the expansion of global trade, and social and political change, with the abolishing of the slave trade.

Across the poor and the working classes, poverty increased. This was because of the poor working conditions the workers had to deal with in the factories and the terrible living conditions that resulted from the urbanization of cities. 

However, amongst the upper and middle classes, consumption grew, due to the increased global trade. This led to new architectural styles and designers, such as Sir Christopher Wren and Wedgewood

What was the Interior Style Like of Georgian Homes

Within the Georgian homes of the wealthy, the homeowners favoured simplistic designs and patterns. This was due to the limitations when it came to the different shades that were available to Georgians, with many choosing sage greens, shades of white, burgundy, or subtle blues. 

Wall panelling was the popular choice for those that could afford it, with magnificent wallpaper being placed above it. The Georgians also preferred to panel their doors and decorated their ceilings.

Georgian Wall Panelling

The wall panels that were used by Georgians were often a simplistic design. It consisted of rectangular panels going up to dado rail height. The panels were used, not only for design but for much-needed insulation and to prevent damp within their homes. Over the Georgian era, the panels became an art form, where similar views are held across Britain today. 

The Georgian style was heavily influenced by the concept of balance within the home. Georgian homes would be filled with pillars and the design on the walls would be symmetrical. As mentioned before, the wall panels would be fitted up to dado rail height, with grandiose wallpaper being placed above it.

Georgian Wall Panelling Today

Today Georgian Wall Panels are a fashionable choice for those that would like to add a certain feature to their home. Since the Georgian period, the development of MDF wall panels has occurred, meaning that they are more cost-effective and better suited for rooms where there are high levels of humidity, such as the kitchen and bathroom. 

You can find out more about the history of wall panels as a whole, through our blog post.

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Finally, if you need support with putting up your own Wall panels, then browse our how-to guide, which is available here.

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