How to Add Character to a New Build

How to Add Character to a New Build

As the UK starts getting back to normal following the COVID pandemic, more people are starting to buy or rent new build houses. Over the past 18 months, many industries had to stop or change their style of working due to the laws being enforced regarding social distancing and working from home. However, the construction industry has seen a boom, as this was one of the industries that were issued with little changes to workplace legislation. 


This has resulted in an increase of new houses being developed, with many people now buying and renting these new builds. However, for those that are moving into these houses, there is an issue for those that are wanting to add character to their new build and leave their own stamp. This post looks at ways you can add character to your new build home


Wall Panelling

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to add character to the walls of your new build is to add wall panels. Wall panelling can be used to make your new build look and feel like it has more character than just four plain walls. However, choosing a specific set of wall panels can be difficult. 


At DIY Wall Panelling, we have a variety of different designs for wall panels. If you still need help, get in touch with one of our friendly team who will be able to guide you with any questions that you may have. 

Wall panels in dining room

Build a Faux Fireplace

A fireplace can be a standout feature for any new build. This is because most rooms have a simplistic design, a fireplace can act as a focal point when surrounded by wall panels to give that extra bit of character. Furthermore, on a cold, winter night the fireplace can be used to heat up your new build and keep you warm. 

If you have a wall that requires specific sizes (maybe because you are willing to add wall panels around a fireplace) then have a look at our bespoke wall panels. This will allow you to have the wall panels that you dream of in rooms that require specific sizes.  


Create an Atmosphere With Lighting

One of the important aspects of a new build, which developers tend to maximise, is the amount of light that enters the house. Conversely, to create an atmosphere, it is important that you get the new build lit correctly with the right lighting. Try looking at different wall and ceiling lights and choose whatever you believe will complement the new build in the most attractive manner.

Dress the Windows

When you want to add a bit of style to your new build’s windows, it is important that you choose the right window dressings. Not only will it make your new build that extra bit classy, but the window dressing can be an eco-friendly way to insulate your room as well as block out light from the outside where necessary. 


Whether you choose blinds or curtains, the window dressing can act as a mood setter for the room and add character to the new build. The window dressing should complement the colour scheme of each room in your new build & look like a natural fit.


Get the Decor Right

Finally, it is important that you get your decor right. This includes choosing the right mirrors, pictures, rugs, & furniture to deck out your new build. By getting all of these to match or complement each other, you can add your own spin to different rooms and make your house a home. If the room is small, then you want a simplistic design with full-length mirrors to add extra dimensions and by adding a suitable rug, the room can have a unique design. 


Additionally, the furniture can add character to your room. Be sure to consider materials colours and shapes you want to be associated with your new build. If you want a lasting design for your new build, then wooden furniture is best due to its evergreen qualities. If you would like a design that oozes elegance yet simplicity, then glass or acrylic might be the way forward. If you would like a modern design, then stainless steel, chrome, and other metals would be suitable. Finally, for sofas, if you would like a classic interior, then choose leather or if you want a softer and kinder material then choose fabric.

How Do You Add Character to a Modern New Build House –  A Conclusion

In conclusion, it is pretty easy to add character to a modern house by doing the following:


  • Adding wall panels
  • Consider premium accessories such as fireplaces
  • Use lighting correctly to create an atmosphere
  • Dress the windows appropriately
  • Be mindful when selecting decor


If you would like to find out more about turning your new build into a home & the wall panels we offer, then get in touch today!

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