How To Add Wall Panelling To Your Stairs

How To Add Wall Panelling To Your Stairs

For those that are wanting to add some wall panelling to their homes, the hall and more particularly the stairs, might be a great way to add some character to your home and make an impression on guests from the second they enter your home. However, some people might find it a challenge when it comes to panelling the stairs and by making sure the panels are at the correct angles and making it look right in their hallway. Don’t worry- this guide will try to make panelling your stairs an easy and fun project and show you how to panel stairs.

What Tools Do You Need?

Step 1- Measure For The Dado Rail

The first step is to measure for your dado rail. This should be done using the tape measure and the rail should be either in line with the bannister or about 1 metre from the floor.

You need to make sure the rail stays at 1 metre from the floor as you go up the stairs, so you could always use an offcut piece of wood to make sure the rail will be the same level.

How High Should Panelling be on stairs?

As mentioned above, wall panelling should be 1 metre high and this should be consistent as you go up the stairs.

Step 2- Attach the Dado Rail

Once this is measured up, you should fit the dado rail to the wall. This should be done using the No More Nails adhesive. 

If your walls are not straight, then you should use a panel pin to keep the rail in place or ask someone to help!

Step 3- Make Sure You Have The Correct Angles For The Panels

Next, you need to make sure that the angles are all correct when it comes to adding the panels to the wall. You should use a site protractor and accurately measure how the panels should be placed on the wall. 

After this, measure that the wall panels are of equal distance between each other.

Step 4- Cut Your Wall Panels So They Fit

Now you need to get your wall panels the correct size so they can fit up the stairs. You need to use the saw and make sure that the measurements are accurate.

Step 5- Add Your Wall Panels

Then, you should look to add your wall panels to the wall. Remember, to use the markings on the wall so that the panels are added to the right measurements and are the correct distance apart.

Step 6- Paint

The final task is to paint the panels to a colour of your choice. Once the paint has dried, then you are done and ready to impress your guests!

If you have any questions regarding the different wall panels we offer, or would like further guidance on how to panel the stairs in your home, then please get in touch today.

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