How To Panel a Wall- 7 Easy Steps

How To Panel a Wall- 7 Easy Steps

Panelling your walls in your home is not as difficult as you may think. This post provides a step-by-step guide on how to panel your walls and create a unique look for your home. If you need any inspiration then check out our gallery

Here's What You Need

Wall Panels- See our range here


Spirit level

No nails glue

Screwdriver & screws

Step 1: Measure Your Wall

Measure the width of the wall and work out how many wall panels you would need based on each wall panel’s width. Also, you should work out what gap is going to be left between each wall panel On your wall, you should also mark where each wall panel would go. Feel free to use our calculator to work out the number of wall panels that you need and the total cost

Step 2: Prepare Your Wall

It is best to sand your wall down before you start panelling to make sure it is even and not bumpy. Also, by sanding your wall, your adhesives will stick better

Step 3: Line Up Your Wall Panels

Next, you should line up each of the panels, and using the spirit level, make sure that they are all straight before you stick them to the walls

Step 4: Glue Wall Panel Rails & Stick To The Wall

This includes sticking the base and top rails to the wall using No More Nails to prevent your wall from damage before finishing. 

Step 5: Add The Wall Panels

You should add your stiles to the wall individually before adding your horizontal rails in-between using adhesive and nails if you need

Step 6: Tighten Screws

If you have had to screw the panels into the wall because your wall is warped, then tighten the screws so they are secure

Step 7: Paint The Wall Panels & Move The Furniture In

You can find inspiration on the different colour schemes you should choose by visiting our blog post: The Best Colour Schemes For Wall Panels. Once painted, you can then step back and admire the work that you have done!

If you have any further questions, then please get in touch today!

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