Wall Panels or Tiles: What is Better for the Bathroom?

Wall Panels or Tiles: What is Better for the Bathroom?

When you are designing your bathroom, one of the important questions is whether to choose wall panels or tiles. This can be a tough decision as both could add a unique style to your bathroom and add personality to your home. This blog post looks at the different things you should consider when choosing whether to have wall panels or tiles in your bathroom.


The Difference Between Panels & Tiles

Wall Panels

A bathroom wall panel is a perfect choice for those that want an alternative to wall tiles in the bath or shower area. They are made from MDF and create a moisture resistant finish to the room. They are suggested to be easier to clean than bathroom tiles as they are unlikely to suffer from grout or decolourisation. 


Wall panels are available individually or in kits with everything you need, so that means it is easy to fit by yourself.


Bathroom tiles are used on floors and walls of the bathroom to provide a modern look. The tiling is often designed and laid by a professional using a tile adhesive.

What Are The Benefits of Wall Panels?

One of the benefits of wall panels is that they are more cost effective than wall tiles. This is because they require less maintenance, are more durable and do not lose their colour as quickly as tiles. 


In addition, wall panels are more hygienic than tiles. This is because they are less likely to suffer from mould and grout. Similarly to the point made above, by being moisture resistant, wall panels are easier to keep care of and will provide you with less headaches in the long run. 


A final benefit of wall panels is that they can provide more of a unique design to your bathroom. This is because they are less common than tiles and can give your bathroom more character and personality. 

What Are The Benefits of Tiles?

One benefit of tiles is that they allow you to create any design to your bathroom wall. Unlike wall panels, you have the freedom to choose a design of your own with panels and then create your modern, dream bathroom. 


Another advantage of choosing tiles over panelling is that tiles allow you to create colour schemes and textures to your bathroom. This is because you can create a range of colour combinations, such as a brick effect or a marble effect, which may be more difficult with wall panels. 


A final benefit of wall tiles is that they are easy to install. This is because they require little amount of materials to install and can be done by anyone, if they put some time and care into it. Tiling a bathroom can take a couple of days, so is a perfect weekend job for any DIY novice.

What Should I Choose?

Overall it is evident that both wall panels and tiles have their own benefits and they also share similarities. They can both be cost effective, add unique design and be installed by yourself at home.


The key thing which you would need to consider is what kind of design you are looking for with your bathroom. 


If you are after a classic, traditional design then you should choose wall panels. Not only do wall panels have character and a unique look to your bathroom, but they can be more durable and are less likely to suffer from grout. 


However, if you are looking to create a modern look for your bathroom, then you should choose tiles. This is because tiles allow you to create a range of unique patterns and textures in your bathroom.

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