Fitting Guidelines

There are Two Ways to attach your Panels to the walls.

1. Attaching One Wall At A Time.

  • Find the middle of the wall & fit a panel centrally, fit the straight post to the right corner.
  • Next, work the middle towards the right - the final panel may need to be trimmed.
  • Then, go back to the middle panel & work towards the left.
  • Finally, the last panel to be fitted may need to be trimmed.
  • It's always best to place the panels against the wall first check measurements before fixing.
  • Remember to measure twice cut once.

2. Continuous Running

  • Start in a corner attach first full panel.
  • Continue to the right corner until you require a cut.
  • Cut a panel to fit in the corner keeping the off cuts.
  • The off cuts then go on to the next wall giving the impression of a full panel.
  • Then continue adding panels til the next corner.


Ways Of Fixing

The most popular way of fixing the panels is with a product such as a No Nails type of adhesive followed by Panel Pins to hold the panels whilst the adhesive cures.