Budget-Friendly DIY Wall Panelling: Transform Your Space

Budget-Friendly DIY Wall Panelling: Transform Your Space

Panelling your walls is the perfect way to add personality and charm to your house but a lot of people step back in doing so because of the potential costs associated with such projects. The positive side is that you can create a lovely wall panelling visual without going over budget if you have a little preparation and a proper plan. In this article, we will go over the important tools and the benefits of a pre-made kit. Let’s get started ! 

Must Have Tools : Your Key To A Successful Wall Panelling 

Making a list of a few essential tools and investing in them if you don’t have them already will not only help you finish your wall panelling project efficiently but also set you up ready for future DIY projects! Here are a few must have tools for DIY wall panelling:

Top Tip: Don’t want to purchase? Reach out to family & friends! 

  • Measuring Tape: For any wall panelling project to be perfect, keeping in mind the correct measurements are important. A measuring tape will make sure that your panels fit correctly and sizings are precise. Make sure to use a high quality, durable measuring tape that ideally extends at least 25 feet and cross check your measurements before finalising any cuts (if you have any to make) to ignore costly mistakes.

  • Level: To ensure your panelling is even and straight, if you're looking for a professional finish, you should get a level. Without it, your panels' overall appearance will get affected. To cover larger areas, choose a longer level for better coverage and keep a check on both horizontal and vertical alignment regularly during installation.

  • No More Nails / Screws: If you have a smooth wall, opt for No More Nails for a strong bond without visible fasteners. For uneven or warped walls, make sure to secure the wall with screws or a nail gun for proper alignment. To know more about how to panel a wall, check this out
  • Saw: Our kits are pre-made often to cover the standard approx size of a 231cm area wide. However if you have a socket or light switch which you don't want to relocate you can choose to cut around the sockets to create the perfect fit so a saw is great to have to hand. 
  • Paint : Don’t forget your paint when budgeting for your panelling project. Have a read of our handy guides to picking a paint colour and also finish. 
    The Benefits of a DIY Wall Panelling Kit

    If you're a DIY enthusiast, or a novice, a panelling kit can truly make all the difference. Our kits simplify the steps and provide a variety of advantages that can help you avoid wasting time, money, or stress. Here are some reasons why buying a DIY wall panelling kit is a wise decision for you:

    • Convenience: Saves you multiple trips to the hardware store to find the correct sized panels, and the inconvenience of cutting them to size. Our diy wall panelling kits contain pre cut panels for most common sizes.
      • Cost Friendly: Kits are made for you to offer you exactly what you need, cutting down on unnecessary costs. This is helpful for you if you have a tight budget because it lowers project expenses and lessens the amount of tools you need to invest in.
      • Quality: Each kit has been carefully crafted to make sure that every part is of the same quality and design, giving your project a flawless look. When you are purchasing materials separately, it might get difficult to achieve this consistency because different types of colour, texture, or quality may take away from the panelling's overall appearance.

        Our DIY wall panelling kits can transform your blank wall as we use high quality premium moisture resistant MDF. All you have to do is pick the kit in the size best suited for your wall (we do also offer a made to measure range), attach to the wall and paint in any colour choice of yours! Each of our kits include

        • Premium, moisture resistant panels in your chosen range and size. 
        • Backboards depending upon the style you pick/preference 
        • End posts depending upon the style you pick

        If you want to know how to panel a wall, check this out as it will take you through every stage, making sure that your  DIY wall panelling project turns out well. Now that you know the benefits of a DIY kit, have a browse through our wall panelling range! Happy shopping :) 

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